How to Remove .spare File Extension Virus and Recover Files?

Learn About .spare File Extension Virus

.spare File Extension Virus is a new file encrypting ransomware. Spam email is a way for .spare File Extension Virus to get inside your PC. It will show with a subject named “bank bill” or “bill of credit card”. As long as users download and open the attached files, they will be led to run the ransomware directly. Once you get it inside, it will encrypt all the documents on the PC. All the files infected are added with malicious extension , and a ransom note left to you will warn you that you need to buy decryption key to restore these documents.

Under such circumstances, many users will choose to pay because those files are too important. If you are one of the victims, it is not recommended to do so. Because the ransomware maker may scam you, just what they did to other ransomware victims before.

To decrypt your files from .spare File Extension Virus, right now you need to remove .spare File Extension Virus and related infections. After that, you could try safe decryption tools to recover the files.

.spare File Extension Virus Removal Steps + Files Recovery

First and foremost, Don’t buy decryption key from virus maker ! We have seen many victims be scammed by hacker due to ransomware attack. They paid lots of money but never received the decryption key. Besides, even though the hacker sends you a real decryption key, your files may be still at risk, because you fund the hacker who have ability to develop advanced ransomware to encrypt your files again. Therefore, we firmly advice that you should not pay the ransom!

The right thing you should do now is to check entire PC and determine whether your system environment is safe or not. To do this, we recommend downloading SpyHunter Anti-malware to see whether it can detect files of ransomware or threat for you.

Ransomware or related threat may re-infect your files if the infections are still hiding on your computer. Once you can confirm that your system environment is safe, you can start to try legitimate decryption tools and see if they can restore files.

Step 1 – Download SpyHunter Anti-malware To Scan PC For Any Remaining Infections

Download SpyHunter Free Scanner

 More Information about SpyHunter,  EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy.

– Once downloaded, Double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install it:

.spare File Extension Virus removal tool

– Once SpyHunter is installed and run, please click Start Scan Now to let it check entire system:

.spare File Extension Virus removal tool

– Once SpyHunter detects malicious items or potential risks, you will need to register full version of SpyHunter to remove all detected items.

.spare File Extension Virus removal tool

Step 2 – Try Legitimate Data Recovery Tools

It is extremely difficult to decrypt all the infected files once they are locked by Ransomware, which is developed with the most advanced hacker techniques. But please do not lose hope. The following sources may give you the best possibility to decrypt your files, it’s worth trying you luck with them.